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Sugestões que fazem a diferença no policiamento


Material enviado por nosso grande amigo Ribeiro, GCM e SGT° honorário da CHiPs, o qual aborda procedimentos essenciais ao trabalho policial. O importante é frisar a ênfase dada aos procedimentos, ainda o uso dos meios disponíveis ao poloiciamento, incluida a importância da unidade canina.

Parabéns grande amigo!

A informação só tem utilidade se puder ser transmitida e utilizada no aprimoramento de técnicas.

Lembrem-se sempre:





I suggest 10 (ten) opportunities for you.....Make a difference patrol at 2010.
1. Improve your observation skills;
2. Evaluate vehicles, drivers, and passengeres for suble clues to contraband transporting;
3. Confidently engage subjects in reveling conversation to identify potential suspects;
4.Detect lies and other evidence of deception;
5. Obtain voluntary consent to search vehicles and their contents in the absence of a warrant;
6.Quickly uncover drugs and other illegal goods in even the most clever hiding places and the largest vehicles;
7. Use k-9 assistance when its available;
8.Expand investigations beyond roudside encounters for even more significant results;
9.Cement your cases legally from start to finish, so they are "bulletproof" in court and you are shielded from civil liability;
10. Most important, tactically control the stop and the suspect(s) throughout, so you avoid mistakes that gotten less prepared officers injured or Killed.
Tactics for Criminal Patrol.......
Sarge Ribeiro,marcio
Califórnia Highway Patrol - CHP
and Brazilian Civil Guard Instructor.

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